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Reunion Groups

Reunion groups are a vital activity for the spiritual growth and development of teens after a Chrysalis weekend. Just as a newly birthed butterfly is a target once it leaves its cocoon, the 4th day of a teen is at times just as much a target by the enemy.  Reunion Groups serve as an accountability group for teens and also provides a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly time for the youth to visit and fellowship with their new friends.
We have reunion groups located all through out the Southwest and Central areas of Florida. Below you will see a listing of reunion groups. You do not have to have attended Heart of Suncoast Chrysalis community flight to attend. Any and all butterflies of Chrysalis are highly encouraged to get involved in one of these groups. The first step is the big one.... pick up the phone.
Fly With Christ!

Girls and Guys Group in Tampa
Big Butterfly (Host): Emily Felgenhauer
When: Sundays, 6pm - 8pm
Place: Hyde Park UMC
Address: 500 W Platt St, Tampa
Call: (386) 405-6246

Girls and Guys Group in Lakeland
Big Butterflies (Hosts): The Bianco Family
When: Fourth Sundays (usually) at 6pm
Place: The Bianco Compound
Address: 4344 Ewell Rd, Lakeland
Call: (863) 670-6209

Girls and Guys Group in Lake Placid
Big Butterflies (Hosts): Bob and Melinda Devlin
When: Fridays (scheduled as they go)
Place: The Devlin Home
Address: Lake Placid, FL
Call: (863) 465-6023

Girls and Guys Group in Oldsmar
Big Butterfly (Host): Colby Perrone
When: Sundays at 6pm
Place: The Perrone Home
Address: 202 Park Boulevard, Oldsmar, FL 34677
Call: (813) 493-1316

Guys Group in Pinellas Park
Big Butterflies (Hosts): Dudley and Loretta Wilcox
When: Wednesday evenings
Place: First UMC, Pinellas Park
Address: 9025 49th St N, Pinellas Park
Call: (727) 637-3534

Guys Group in Clearwater
Big Butterfly (Host): Doug Fogh
When: Mondays @ 7:00pm
Place: The Fogh Home
Address: 1433 Highfield Dr, Clearwater, FL 33764
Call: (727) 424-6693

Girls Group in Brandon
Big Butterflies (Hosts): Stephanie Huffman and Sue Betchner
When: First and Third Tuesdays at 7pm
Place: Stephanie or Sue's home (TBD)
Address: 1126 Hardwood Dr, Valrico or 
              8602 Stoner Hills Dr, Riverview
Call: (850) 933-1726 or (813) 340-8310

If you do not see your Reunion group listed, please e-mail us at [email protected] and give us the details so that we can share with the Heart of SunCoast Chrysalis community.
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